About us


Cuba is more of a feeling than a place. At Trova, our pursuit is to create the feeling that embodies Cuban culture at its roots, but with our twist. We captivate all the senses by sharing our love of beautiful music, aromas, flavors, and colorful art. Everything experienced is a poetic romance of an old Cuban soul with modern elements. The ambiance is captivating -filled with lively music that transports you to a Latin bohemia. The heart of Trova is the food by offering our rendition of classic dishes creating an incredible and memorable experience. Being family owned, we open our doors with warm hospitality with the honor of having you as our guest. Welcome to Cuba, welcome to Trova.


As native Cubans, Jorge Acosta and his wife Lusnay Cabrera had the dream to come to the United States and pursue their passions. Jorge's first experience in the hospitality industry was leading the food and beverage department for Costa Rica Marriot Hotel. After 8 years, his dreams came true and moved to New York where he had the opportunity to manage the popular Sabor Latin Bistro on the New Jersey waterfront. Following that, he was quickly picked up by the DGNY Restaurant group and was given several roles in various restaurants ending as the General Manager for Son Cubano New Jersey.  The combination of Jorge's experience and Lusnay's enduring determination has brought them to their ultimate goal. Trova is truly a love project inspired by their most memorable experiences in Cuba. The vintage movie posters & art, classic trova music, and authentic food tell their unique story.

"Trova is an imagination turned reality and we're excited to tell our story. We welcome you to our home."

Lusnay and Jorge